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Open to the public! Inventory Changes Daily!

Surplus, Open to the Public!

IU Surplus Stores and IU Mail Services would like you to start thinking "small!"

Did You Know...
IU Surplus Stores wants not only those small surplus items that can be sold and reused but even those items that can and should be recycled?

Did You Know...
IU Surplus Stores wants and will take used/spent writing instruments (pens, highlighters, markers), toner cartridges, power cords, electronic peripherals, handhelds or media (ex: broken mouse, cell phone, or old CDs/DVDs) and that we even want your excess paper clips and rubber bands? It doesn’t get much smaller than that!

It is easy to look at a chair, desk, computer, file cabinet or forklift and realize that those are IU purchased assets and university policy states they go to IU Surplus Stores when they are no longer needed, but what about smaller items like the ones mentioned above?

In an effort to make sure that even the smallest of surplus items get properly disposed of, recycled or better yet reused, IU Surplus Stores has partnered with IU Mail Services to offer a simple yet effective and efficient way of getting those smaller items from your office to Surplus Stores.

Using Campus Mail envelopes, the Campus Mail system and couriers, staff can simply put those small items in the envelope, mark Surplus Stores as the recipient and then place it in their department’s Campus Mail pick up location. The IU Mail Service couriers will pick them up and deliver to Surplus Stores. If you have items that are a little bulky and will not fit in the envelopes, just place them in a small box, seal the box and mark it Campus Mail to Surplus Stores.

Now You Know...
How thinking “small “ can have a “BIG” impact on the sustainability efforts of Indiana University!

*As always, for large quantities of items or ones that will not fit in the envelope or small box, please use the Transfer to Surplus Form.






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