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IU Surplus Stores
Open to the public! Inventory Changes Daily!

Surplus, Open to the Public!

Surplus Stores will pick up at "no charge" surplus items that your department no longer wants or needs. From three ring binders to office furniture to computers and electronic waste, we will take anything you have. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us by telephone at 855-2475, by fax at 855-9810, or by email at

Got Smalls?
See more information about sending small items to IU Surplus. In an effort to make sure that even the smallest of surplus items get properly disposed of, recycled or better yet reused, IU Surplus Stores has partnered with IU Mail Services to offer a simple yet effective and efficient way of getting those smaller items from your office to Surplus Stores.

Regional Campuses
Even though IU Surplus Stores is located on the Bloomington campus, we do sometimes make pickups at other IU campuses if it is economically feasible to do so. We can even help you sell your items via our online auction site without those items being physically transferred to Bloomington. Please contact manager Todd Reid at Surplus Stores for more details and information.

Transfer to Surplus Form
Whether you have arranged for a pick up or you are dropping off yourself, this form must be filled out and accompany "all" items being sent to Surplus Stores. If items arrive without this form you will be asked to fill out the form before Surplus accepts delivery.

Secure Document Shredding
Surplus Stores has a secure document shredding service which allows departments to have secure bins delivered and later picked up upon request. There is no charge for delivery or pick up. Cost for shredding is $15 for 10 gallon bins, $35 for 96 gallon bins, billed to the department upon completion. To request bin delivery or pick up, please fill out a Transfer Item Form.
Reference:Capital Asset Standard Operating Procedures

Transfer of Computing Equipment Form
This form must be included if you are sending any computers to Surplus Stores.
Reference:Capital Asset Standard Operating Procedures


Important New Process Regarding Capital Assets!
Any item being sent to Surplus Stores that has been deemed and tagged a "Capital Asset" must have the "Asset Transfer" documentation completed prior to delivery to Surplus Stores. Capital equipment will normally have a yellow tag and a purchase price of $5,000 or more. If you are not sure if the item you are sending to Surplus is considered a Capital Asset please contact Capital Asset Management System (CAMS) at for guidance.

Data Security

Departmental Responsibility:
Information Removal - Regardless of how computing equipment is disposed of, all IU personnel are liable for institutional information contained on any storage device. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the department and their personnel to see that all information residing on anytype of storage device is removed from the computing technology prior to the equipment leaving their possession.
Use these data removal techniques to prevent unauthorized disclosure:

Hard Drive Destruction Information

Contact Surplus Stores
Phone: (812)855-2475
Fax : (812)855-9810








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